Stats of the Union

Stats of the Union was meant to be an experiment. If we created an iPad app to allow health policymakers to view health data on-the-go, would anybody care?

Our partners at Fathom helped us create Stats of the Union from the Community Health Statistics Indicators report, which contains health and lifestyle data from federal agencies including the Census Bureau and the Department of Health and Human Services. 

We launched Stats of the Union on the App store in 2011, and were thrilled to watch it climb to the #1 Health App.  It turns out that visually arresting engaging presentation of even the wonkiest data has the potential to engage broad audiences.

Health Infoscape

The Health Infoscape was built in 2011 in partnership with the MIT Senseable Cities lab. It was meant take a deeper look at the data in GE's Centricity electronic medical records database. Specifically, we wanted to unearth unexpected linkages between seemingly unrelated health conditions.

The Health Infoscape also gave us a glimpse into the potential for data visualization to encourage further scientific inquiry and exploration.


GE Works

Several years before the launch of GE's IoT platform, we were watching the data generated by GE's installed base of equipment. We worked with our partners at Fathom to visualize data from GE's machines to demonstrate how we were "Building, Moving, Powering and Curing" the world.

These projects were used as installations in GE's lobbies around the world.

Take a look at activity from GE's CT and MR equipment over the course of a typical 24 hour period.