What We Do

Smart, compelling content that simplifies complexity creates connections with customers and establishes brand leadership. Estuary works with clients to develop strategies to turn their most complex data and information into content.

We work with a network of talented, seasoned partners, and customize teams based on the specific needs of our projects. Because of our flat structure, collaborative nature, and client focus, we get to spend our time on what matters most, telling great stories on behalf of our clients.

Who We Are

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Camille Kubie: Founder

Camille is the founder of Estuary Branding. She has spent the past 20 years helping companies including GE, BNY Mellon, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and JP Morgan define their brands and tell their stories through compelling content.

Camille understands the challenges and opportunities to building strong brands. Camille led Brand and Design for GE from 2007 until 2012. In her role at GE, she was responsible for driving awareness and understanding of the GE brand globally. Camille was responsible for the 2010 launch of Healthymagination; she led GE’s Industrial Design efforts, including the development of the WattStation EV Charging Station; and she pioneered the use of data visualization as a new way to engage audiences concerning the issues that GE considers important.

Camille’s work has been recognized by The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt’s National Design Awards, CES, and the Red Dot design awards.

Prior to joining GE in 2007, Camille was a brand strategy consultant at Landor, New York, where she led brand strategy and design projects for a wide range of brands and industries, including: The Cleveland Clinic, ITT and IBM. Camille started her career in advertising at Young & Rubicam, New York where she managed agency accounts such as Andersen Consulting (now Accenture), Computer Associates and Colgate-Palmolive. 

She has a BA from Duke University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.




Evie: Chief Security Officer

Evie was born and raised in Joplin, MO. She moved to NY as a founding member of the Estuary team. Evie brings an uncanny ability to sense trouble and an unfortunate lack of discretion about the right time to express her point of view.

What's in a Name?

We are headquartered in Brooklyn on the East River, which happens to be an estuary. We're nothing if not pragmatic.

Like estuaries, which are subject to the influences of fresh water from a river and salt water from the ocean, we're also subject to storytelling influences of advertising and the problem solving orientation of design.

Estuaries are highly productive habitats, and so are we. Our flat structure and collaborative approach mean that we work very efficiently, with minimal internal process, to best serve the needs of our clients.